NJDD Split Practices Start Saturday, Sept 26: NJDD Juniors (Under 15) at 3:45; NJDD Seniors (15 +) at 4:40
Coach's Training at Codey Arena, Saturday, Sept 26 at 2:00 p.m.

2013 Frankenfest Tournament Orgainizing Committee


Hockey/Locker Rooms Chairperson - Andy Piccirillo (TeamManager@NJDareDevils.net) and Steve Ritter (AsstHeadCoach@NJDareDevils.net)

Welcome Table Chairperson - Pam Saunders – pam@golub-isabel.com.  Tournament chairperson and coordinator for gift bags, anniversary booklet, T-Shirt order and tricky tray baskets

Frankenfeste Gala Chairpersons - Pam Saunders (pam@golub-isabel.com) and Kathy Kientz (kitkat7242003@gmail.com

Raffle/Food/Music - Andy Piccirillo – andrew.piccirillo@chartisinsurance.com.  IPAD raffle, food, music and photographer

Tricky Tray Chairpersons - Diana Cicchino (dmcicchin@att.net), Angie Donnelly (adonnelly@artisancontrols.com), and Dianna Ciemiecki (samiam91@verizon.net

Hospitality Chairpersons - Patti Racamato/Andrea Piccirillo – palma2025@optonline.net and totowapiccirillo@yahoo.com.  Party room, decorations and the welcome table.

Scheduling/Tournament Rules - Steve Ritter (HeadCoach@NJDareDevils.net)  – Jr. Coaches, referees, scheduling and tournament rules

Tournament Registration - John Murphy WebAdmin@NJDareDevils.net